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Philadelphia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

We have plenty of motorcyclists in and around Philly. This is a wonderful place to ride, especially once you get a little bit out of the city and onto the open roads. We know that you do your best to ride safely, however you cannot control the actions of the drivers around you.

When you need a Philadelphia motorcycle accident attorney, Soloff & Zervanos, P.C. is standing by. Our qualified and experienced team is ready to investigate your case and work to secure the compensation you deserve for all of your crash-related expenses.

What Can Happen?

Anyone who owns a motorcycle knows that there are added risks when they hit the roadways. Even when a rider is wearing a helmet, they will never have as much protection as a regular vehicle passenger. This makes them more vulnerable to the actions of negligent and careless drivers.

For the latest reporting year in Pennsylvania, there were:

  • 185 motorcyclist fatalities
  • 3,052 motorcyclist injuries

Nearly every motorcycle crash results in some kind of injury or fatality.

Why is that?

Consider that the average passenger vehicle weighs around 4,000 pounds. When a motorcyclist is struck, they will absorb the impact of the vehicle and then an impact with the ground. It is not uncommon for us to see the following injuries in the aftermath of a motorcycle crash:

The cost of these injuries can become tremendous and extend well beyond initial medical expenses. In many cases, multiple surgeries and extended rehabilitation are necessary for a victim to make a recovery. If a person is unable to work and earn an income, this will compound the financial problems.

Driver Negligence

Motorcyclists are vulnerable to getting struck by negligent and careless drivers. It is not uncommon for a cyclist to be injured as a result of:

  • Impaired drivers
  • Distracted drivers
  • Those who speed or drive aggressively
  • Drivers following them too closely
  • Improper driver lane changes

We also need to point out that motorcyclists are much more vulnerable to crashes due to poorly maintained roadways. Government agencies and private companies tasked with ensuring roadways are drivable should perform regular inspections and maintenance and immediately repair any damages or remove hazards from the road.

What Your Attorney Can Do

Your first priority after a motorcycle crash needs to be dealing with your injuries. This can make it difficult to deal with insurance companies and other parties. At Soloff & Zervanos, P.C., we are ready to step in and help if someone else’s negligence has caused you harm. We want to ensure that you are compensated for all of your injury-related expenses, including:

  • Coverage of medical expenses
  • Recovery of lost wages if you cannot work
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Loss of enjoyment of life damages

When you need a Philadelphia motorcycle accident attorney, you can contact us by clicking here or calling us at 215-929-7216.

Although there are more than 850,000 licensed motorcycle riders in Pennsylvania, hundreds of thousands of car drivers on our roads still do not know how to share the road with motorcyclists. Being in a motorcycle crash is not exactly a pleasant experience. A large percentage of motorcycle accidents in our state are caused by car drivers’ failure to obey the law and reduce the risk of colliding with motorcyclists.

Luckily, our Philadelphia motorcycle accident attorney from Soloff & Zervanos, P.C., can help if you were injured in a collision involving a passenger car or other vehicle on our roads.

Which Pennsylvania’s Traffic Rules Apply to Motorcyclists?

Motorcycle riders in Pennsylvania have every right and obligation that other motorists have. Therefore, motorcyclists have a duty to obey all traffic rules and regulations such as driving below the posted speed limit, yielding the right of way when necessary, and many more. Although motorcyclists are not allowed to lane split in Pennsylvania, they can share a lane with another motorcycle (but never with a motor vehicle).

Who’s Allowed to Ride a Motorcycle in Pennsylvania?

Riding a motorcycle without an applicable license can get you in trouble and can leave you with no compensation in the event of a motorcycle crash. Our Philadelphia motorcycle accident lawyer explains that you are required to get a Class M license to operate a motorcycle in the state of Pennsylvania lawfully.

To obtain this license, an individual is required to pass a knowledge test and operate a bike with a learner’s permit for 12 months. A motorcyclist under the age of 18 must carry a learner’s permit for at least half a year and must complete 65 supervised hours of riding time.

What Are Motorcycle Safety Requirements in Pennsylvania?

Whether or not you, as a motorcyclist, complied with safety requirements can affect the outcome of your claim in the event of a motor vehicle crash. In Pennsylvania, motorcycle riders and passengers are required to sit on permanently attached seats, while the rider is not allowed to hold anything in his or her hands that impedes his or her ability to ride safely.

Handlebars in a motorcycle must not exceed shoulder height, while the bike must have a red tail light and a headlight in front of the bike. All equipment parts and components must be in a proper working condition. Our Philadelphia motorcycle accident attorney here at Soloff & Zervanos, P.C., also says that Pennsylvania law requires motorcycles to undergo safety inspections annually.

Do I Have Access to MedPay Coverage for My Injury?

As an injured motorcyclist in Pennsylvania, you may wonder whether you have access to medical payment coverage, also known as MedPay coverage, to pay for the medical expenses associated with your injury.

Unfortunately, motorcycle riders do not qualify for MedPay coverage, which pays for the driver’s and passenger’s injuries and requires Pennsylvania motorists to carry a minimum of $5,000 in MedPay. MedPay coverage is available to car drivers regardless of who was at fault for the crash.

However, there are many other options when seeking compensation for your injury as a motorcyclist in Pennsylvania. Discuss your case with our Philadelphia motorcycle accident lawyer to find out about your options.