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May 2016 Archives

Google's new patent could protect victims of pedestrian accidents

Automotive safety technology seems to be developing more quickly than ever before. And the innovations are coming from some unlikely places. As just one example, consider the self-driving cars being developed by a team at Google. If and when they come into widespread use, fully autonomous vehicles could greatly reduce the frequency and severity of car crashes. Some even believe that traffic accidents could be eliminated altogether.

School district settles most recent sex abuse lawsuits for $88M

We have written many times about the institutional failings that have allowed for the widespread sex abuse of children by Catholic priests and other church officials. Even if sex abuse was limited to just a handful of priests (which is not the case), some of these predators have abused dozens of victims. Such crimes can only continue for so long because those in power allowed them to continue.

Distracted driving: A major problem that may be getting worse

Like most states, Pennsylvania has banned texting while driving. Some states have gone even further by banning use of handheld cellphones behind the wheel, but such measures are still the exception rather than the rule.

Dennis Hastert Case Highlights Need for Child Abuse Reporting Reform

The immediate need for a reform of the current child abuse reporting laws has never been so evident as now after a high-profile public servant like Dennis Hastert, the longest-serving Republican Speaker of the House in history, is termed a "serial child molester" yet still evades criminal charges. This appellation was actually applied to Hastert recently by the U.S. district judge during his sentencing for a recent bank fraud conviction, a conviction that instituted the exposure of years of child sexual abuse by Hastert. Read more.

Please Support the N.J. Senate's Latest Efforts to Expand the Child Abuse SOL

New Jersey State Senator Joseph Vitale (D-Middlesex) is again proposing legislation that would increase the current statute of limitations for civil suits related to child sexual abuse from two years to thirty years. Senator Vitale has been an ardent supporter of childhood sexual abuse victims. Read more about his efforts.

Hastert's Abuse of Children Prompts a Call for Statute of Limitations Reform in his Home State

After the egregious child sexual abuse crimes committed by former U.S. Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert there is now a movement for the elimination of the statute of limitations in criminal child sexual abuse cases in his home state of Illinois. The Illinois legislature has already removed the statute of limitations on civil lawsuits.

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