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April 2016 Archives

More on PA sex abuse bill and the man behind it

We recently wrote about the strong passage of House Bill 1947 in the Pennsylvania House. If passed in the senate and signed into law, the measure would give many more victims of child sex abuse an opportunity to hold their abusers (and the institutions they worked for) accountable in criminal and civil court.

PA House Overwhelmingly Approves House Bill 1947 to Reform Child Sex Crime Laws

Pennsylvania is one step closer to opening the courthouse doors to a generation of victims of child sexual abuse who could not bring a lawsuit in the past due to expiration of the statute of limitations. This week, House Democrat Mark Rozzi sponsored and spearheaded the passage of his amendment to House Bill 1947 in the House which will allow any survivor of child sexual abuse who has not yet reached age 50 to seek civil justice and file a lawsuit against perpetrators of sexual abuse and other responsible parties which permitted the abuse. This is a change from the current civil statute of limitations which gives victims until age 30 to bring a civil lawsuit. Because many survivors of child sexual abuse do not typically come forward to report the abuse or even realize the effects of sexual abuse until later in their lives, this bill recognizes the need for a longer statute of limitations. If passed by the Senate and signed into law by the governor, this bill will not help all victims of abuse, but it will help many survivors seek justice and represents a step in the right direction which could pave the way for future amendments to help others.

Fatal Amtrak crash near Philadelphia: What went wrong?

On a morning, earlier this month, an Amtrak train was travelling at over 100 miles per hour near the Philadelphia suburb of Chester. On the same track was a crew of maintenance workers operating a backhoe. By the time that the train's conductor recognized that the track was blocked, it was too late.

Pennsylvania pedestrian killed in accident with bus

Of all the unfortunate types of motor vehicle accidents a person can suffer, pedestrian accidents are among the most devastating. Pedestrians are much more vulnerable to serious injuries or, in some tragic cases, death, than drivers and passengers who are protected by the safety features that are standard in most vehicles. When a victim is injured or a family member is killed in such an accident, victims and their families often demand justice. Thankfully, it is often possible to pursue legal action against a negligent driver.

PA House Moves Closer to Child Sexual Abuse SOL Reform

Mark Rozzi, (D-Berks), said that a compromise is being negotiated regarding a reform of the current statute of limitations in child sexual abuse cases. The General Assembly has been deadlocked but the compromise reportedly includes eliminating all civil and criminal statute of limitations on sex crimes from the date on which the reform is signed into law. The retroactive component, which would have provided a recourse to child sexual abuse victims that are now adults, reportedly will not go into effect. Read more.

Over 200 patients may have been exposed to HIV, hepatitis

The utmost certain standard of care is always expected of doctors and nurses. One small mistake can have catastrophic consequences, which is why doctors and nurses are expected to abide by stringent rules and standards. Unfortunately, some healthcare professionals fail to live up to these standards, and patients may be left in a worse condition than when they arrived at the healthcare facility. When this happens, victims and their families may wish to pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit.

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