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November 2015 Archives

Boy Scouts org. faces largest single sex abuse lawsuit to date

There are many youth organizations that once enjoyed stellar reputations which have since been tarnished. One of the most prominent examples is the Boy Scouts of America. Rather than instilling positive moral values in boys and young men, the BSA has been accused of allowing scouts to be molested and sexually abused by pedophiles working and volunteering for the organization.

Justice delayed

There are few betrayals as painful and profoundly damaging as the treachery of a pastor who sexually abuses children. For some victims, the damage lasts a lifetime, causing them anxiety and depression, and diminishing their ability to trust people and to enjoy life.

Protecting the rights of truck accident victims

Truck accidents involve many unique facets that are absent in other types of motor vehicle accidents. Sometimes, a victim may be unsure as to what actions are appropriate following an accident with a large commercial truck. Some Philadelphia residents may wonder who is responsible in such an accident and who should provide compensation -- in other words, should the trucker be held responsible, or should the trucking company.

Author Criticizes Statute of Limitations on Child Sex Abuse

A new book, "Great is the Truth," details widespread sexual abuse at the prestigious Horace Mann school in New York. Author Amos Kamil details the flawed child sexual abuse statute of limitations and how they caused a "retraumatization" of the victims in their quest for justice.

Options when pursuing compensation after a truck accident

Semi-truck accidents can be more devastating than other accidents involving smaller vehicles. The reasons are obvious - commercial trucks can weigh thousands of pounds, and that much weight travelling at high speeds creates a highly destructive force. Philadelphia residents who have been involved in such accidents are likely aware of just how devastating these accidents can be. However, some may may not be aware of what their options are when pursuing compensation after a truck accident.

Courts upholding the use of therapy dogs during traumatic testimony

We have previously written about the use of therapy dogs in court. For victims of sexual abuse - especially child victims - a trained canine companion can provide much-needed comfort and a sense of stability during what is often a traumatic experience.

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