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September 2015 Archives

GM recalls 121,000 cars due to fire risk

Vehicle fires can cause serious damage and can even be life-threatening. Highway vehicle fires are sometimes serious enough to require a response from a fire department to be extinguished. Though some vehicle fires that are not accident-related are mechanical in nature, some are due to faulty insulation around a vehicles electrical wiring.

Remarks of Pope Francis to Bishops Misplaced

Many victims of clergy sex abuse found the praise bestowed by Pope Francis upon his bishops in the handling of these criminal matters unjustified. Pope Francis stated that the great sacrifice the bishops have made related to this scandal was appreciated even though many guilty, as determined by a special investigator, remained in the ministry as late as four years ago in 2011. To read further:

Soloff & Zervanos Attorney Jeffrey Fritz Joins Rep. Rozzi and Other Advocates to Modernize Child Sexual Abuse Statutes of Limitations

Jeffrey Fritz of our office was joined at the state capitol by a host of prominent public figures in support of Pennsylvania House Bill 661 and Senate Bill 582. These legislations will raise the age for an adult victim of child sexual abuse to file a civil claim from ages 30 to 50 and allow for previously time-barred victims to bring suit against their abusers. This news conference was attended by Lynne Abraham, former Philadelphia district attorney, and Jeff Dion, Deputy Director of the National Center for Victims of Crime, as well as many others.

Victims of Clergy Abuse at Odds with Pope Francis Visit

Pennsylvania State Representative Mark Rozzi was offered VIP tickets to the papal visit this weekend in Philadelphia but turned them down on principle. With regards to victims of child sexual abuse, " He simply is not doing enough." To read further:

Woman unlocks memories of childhood sex abuse after 40 years

When the Jerry Sandusky scandal became national news, Americans were naturally horrified and disgusted. But some who followed the Sandusky trial had far more visceral reactions, leading them to suddenly recall long-repressed memories. Many childhood sexual abuse survivors have said that the Sandusky news coverage triggered flashbacks which had been buried since childhood.

Student's abuse-related suicide causes mother to seek damages

For a lot of sexual assault victims, going on with life after an unwanted sexual encounter can be incredibly challenging. In many cases, victims immediately suffer from anxiety and even depression. They may have trouble sleeping and oftentimes relive their experience, making matters worse. For many victims, criminal proceedings do not do enough justice. And in some cases, victims often feel the need to file civil lawsuits against their attacker as a way of seeking justice.

Lead in toys poses a danger to Pennsylvania children

Pennsylvania parents will go to great lengths to keep their children safe. For example, parents may have their child use an age-appropriate child safety seat while in a motor vehicle, they may make a point to provide their child with healthy food to eat and they may utilize child-safety locks on cupboards if necessary. However, one sometimes overlooked -- but very important -- issue parents need to be cognizant of is the possible presence of lead in children's toys.

Big 12 Bans Transfer Students Disciplined for Sexual Assault from Playing Football

The Big 12 has followed the SEC football conference's lead in prohibiting transfer students disciplined for "sexual assault, domestic violence, or other forms of sexual violence" from playing football at their respective institutions. To read further about this new policy :

What is overdiagnosis, and is it harmful?

Pennsylvanians may be familiar with the issue of misdiagnosis in the medical world, but they may not know that the topic of overdiagnosis has been a hot one as of late. Overdiagnosis is an especially pertinent issue in the area of breast imaging with regards to the screening of diseases such as breast cancer.

Can a nursing home in Pennsylvania use restraints on a resident?

There is a troubling problem that is occurring across Pennsylvania nursing homes that is rarely discussed and that needs to be acknowledged and addressed -- that of falls and the use of restraints to prevent them. Nursing home residents who suffer a fall often times sustain serious injuries that could result in a permanent disability, which usually translates directly into a diminished quality of life.

Reminder to colleges: uphold the law or risk penalties

Whether you've heard about a rape or sexual assault case taking place on a college campus from a news source or from one of our blog posts, chances are good you've been just as appalled by the cases as we have. As you may have noticed, the number of sexual assault cases that have piqued national attention in recent years has risen, forcing people across the nation – not just here in Pennsylvania – to question whether the law and campuses are doing enough to protect students from sexual assault and rape.

Two sex assault cases may have ties to college football program

We have previously written that too many colleges and universities in America fail to appropriately handle allegations of sexual assault. In some cases, when victims come forward, school administrators try to handle the allegations quietly so that they don't receive unwanted media attention. Other times, school counselors and others who are supposed to be victim advocates end up blaming the victims instead of helping them.

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