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April 2015 Archives

Have defective consumer products caused injury? We can help

Technology coupled with human ingenuity has made countless consumer products cheaper, more efficient, easier to use, more reliable and safer. However, mistakes in either the design or manufacturing processes still occur - when they do, the consequences can be disastrous.

Too many crime victims have lawsuits weakened by social media

Imagine being the victim of a crime and having the bravery to testify against the perpetrator in court. When you file a civil lawsuit, however, attorneys for the defense essentially call you a liar. Their proof? Some Facebook photos that seem to show you smiling and enjoying life.

Stopping the cycle of child sex abuse

Many stories of child sexual abuse have a tragically similar arc. The perpetrator, often in a position of authority with access to children, was able to sexually abuse children for years or even decades because victims didn't have the opportunity to come forward. In many cases, victims who spoke up were not believed, and others failed to speak up because they knew that skepticism awaited them.

Safety regulators investigating auto defects in Subaru

Pennsylvania residents may be interested to know that the car manufacturer Subaru has come under investigation by federal safety regulators following consumer complaints that its Subaru Impreza model may potentially suffer from a serious defective auto part.

Patients suffer as nursing homes compete for Medicare money

When you have to put an aging parent, a spouse or another loved one into a nursing home, the decision is never easy and almost never comes without doubts. You at least want to be sure that they will be receiving the best possible care and attention. Unfortunately, what you see and what is advertised is not always what you get.

Providing compassionate legal advice to help sexual abuse victims

Sexually abusing a student is one of the most reprehensible crimes that anyone associated with an educational institution can commit. Teachers, counselors and other officials are people who children trust. When they abuse this position of power, it can have devastating effects on children.

Driver error is a major cause of car accidents in Pennsylvania

While the weather and road conditions could play a role in a car accident, it is no surprise that driver error is a major contributing cause of car accidents in Pennsylvania. In fact, nationwide, the majority of traffic accidents were due in part to driver error.

Two juries fail to convict Philadelphia priest of child sex abuse

The criminal justice system is far from perfect, and there are many instances in which victims who deserve justice never receive it. Thankfully, for certain types of crimes, the civil justice system is an additional way that victims can seek justice and restitution.

Nursing home negligence lawsuit brought by woman in Pennsylvania

The safety of our loved ones is a serious concern for anyone which is why legal protections are available in circumstances of nursing home neglect. A woman in Pennsylvania recently brought a lawsuit against a nursing home, asserting negligent care of her mother. The woman's mother had been at the skilled nursing facility for approximately two years when, at the age of 95, she was being treated for a type of skin cancer, basal cell carcinoma, on her scalp. The woman asserts that the lesion associated with the skin cancer on her mother's scalp was left uncovered for varying periods of time, that she found blood on her mother's clothing and that, at one point, she found live maggots in the wound.

Lawyers for Jerry Sandusky pursue yet another criminal appeal

The sex abuse scandal involving Jerry Sandusky consumed the media here in Pennsylvania and around the country. When he was finally convicted and civil lawsuits were settled, many hoped that Sandusky would live out his days in prison and finally accept some responsibility for the crimes he has committed. Unfortunately, Mr. Sandusky appears to have no such plans.

How does a birth defect differ from a birth injury?

Children are a gift, not just to their parents, but also to their entire family. Unfortunately, there are times in which a doctor's error during the delivery process causes a birth injury. In fact, in the United States, approximately five births out of every 1,000 will result in a birth injury.

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