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March 2015 Archives

Pope Francis criticized for appointing bishop tied to clergy abuse

Ever since Pope Francis came into his role as head of the Catholic Church, he has defied expectations and won the hearts and minds of many Catholics and non-Catholics alike. His tolerant and liberal viewpoints on social issues have fueled much speculation that the Catholic Church may be headed in a new direction.

Truck driver charged after fatal Pennsylvania truck accident

It can be helpful for families facing the traumatic loss of a loved one to be familiar with legal protections available to them during a difficult time. In Pennsylvania, a truck driver recently surrendered to police after being charged in the death of a worker on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. One worker was killed in the truck accident and one other worker was injured. The victim who lost his life in the truck accident was a 61-year old man. The two workers were working in a lane that had been closed off when the truck driver entered the closed lane with his tractor trailer and struck the two men in construction vehicles.

Dementia and rising nursing home populations a dangerous mix

When you hear the term "elder abuse," what do you think of? Many people might imagine an elderly nursing home patient being abused by a staff member. Others might imagine a younger family member who is supposed to be a caregiver but is instead abusing a vulnerable, aging adult.

We provide legal strength for truck accident victims

Every commercial truck driver is legally required to pass driving tests that demonstrate they have the proper skills and knowledge to drive large trucks safely anywhere in the country, including Pennsylvania. Every driver should be able to navigate through unfamiliar territory and be capable of handling different road conditions and hazards. A driver also must be able to watch for height clearances to ensure their commercial vehicles will not destroy property or be damaged. Finally, every truck driver should understand the person's responsibility in ensuring the safety of other drivers and pedestrians around them. Unfortunately, not all drivers meet these responsibilities.

Texting and driving and the other types of distractions

Most states, including Pennsylvania, recognize the dangers of distracted driving by now. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, 14 states have some form of law or regulation that prohibits drivers from using hand-held phones while driving. In Pennsylvania, a text messaging ban applied to all drivers, regardless of skill and experience behind the wheel.

The link between childhood trauma and adult health problems

We often write about the devastating and long-lasting psychological effects of sexual abuse suffered during childhood. Whether a victim was abused once or repeatedly, the trauma can last a lifetime and affect mental and psychological health in profound ways.

Penn. lawmakers fight to increase sex abuse statutes of limitations

One of the most frustrating roadblocks in pursuing justice for victims of sex abuse is the statute of limitations. Pennsylvania SOL laws tend to be more generous than those in other states, but they nonetheless prevent many victims from pursuing a civil lawsuit, criminal charges, or both.

Electrolux dryer allegedly causes fire in Philadelphia home

Statistically speaking, more injuries happen at home than any other place. Most of those injuries are derived from the use of defective electrical appliances, which should not be surprising, since Americans use electrical equipment and appliances every day. Improper use of an electrical appliance or use of a defective appliance may result in injury. Aside from an injury, using a defective appliance may lead to a fire that can quickly destroy a family's life.

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