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February 2015 Archives

What adults can do to prevent and end child sex abuse: Part III

In today's post, we will be continuing and concluding a three-part discussion about the prevention of child sex abuse. Although this is a serious and uncomfortable topic, conscientious adults can help prevent and report child sex abuse if they are given the tools they need to recognize and respond to it.

Understanding the situation of victims of nursing home neglect

It is a difficult decision for many of us to place our loved ones in a nursing home. When that decision is finally made, families often go through great care and careful planning in choosing a facility and staff that will offer the utmost care and supervision to their older family members. Unfortunately, even the best facilities in the nation, including here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, are subject to scrutiny associated with nursing home neglect.

What adults can do to prevent and end child sex abuse: Part II

In our post last week, we began a discussion about recognizing, preventing and responding to child sexual abuse. Advocacy groups like Darkness to Light (D2L) are actively working in Pennsylvania and around the country to combat child sex abuse and are asking all responsible adults to get involved.

DOT addresses truck driver fatigue to reduce truck crashes

Not getting enough sleep is a common problem for many people in Philadelphia. Distractions of every sort, including electronics such as smartphones and tablets, social media sites and everyday stress keeps many people from getting a full night of sleep, and more and more individuals suffer fatigue because of it. Truck drivers are no different. Unfortunately, with a truck driver fatigue can be a more dangerous problem because it increases the risk of a truck accident.

What adults can do to prevent and end child sex abuse: Part I

With so much horrible news about the exploitation and abuse of children in America, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the scope of the problem. Most of us would like to do something to help, especially if it will directly protect the children we personally know and love. But what can we do?

Misdiagnosis hits many Pennsylvanians every year

Diagnosis is one of the most important steps in treating a Pennsylvanians' health condition. When it comes to the diagnostic process, Pennsylvania residents are no different from most Americans. These people have a tendency to trust every word their doctors say about their condition. This is not surprising considering that doctors and other health care providers study for several years and acquire adequate experience before they are able to actually practice. Despite that, doctors are humans who are not exempt from committing errors, including failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis.

Attorneys who find justice & compensation for sex abuse victims

When children are sexually abused by adults who are supposed to be loving and trustworthy, the experiences are more than traumatic. Often, victims are left feeling alone and isolated. They feel that no one can understand what they have gone through and that no one will even believe their accusations. This is especially the case when the alleged abuser works for and is protected by a larger organization: A church, a hospital, a school or a university.

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