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January 2015 Archives

Boy Scouts of America back in the media after sex abuse lawsuit

When the Boy Scouts of America began in 1910 and for decades afterward, it was regarded as an organization that imparted positive values and experiences to the boys and young men within its ranks. Many participants had such experiences, and kept participating with the BSA in a volunteer capacity when they reached adulthood.

Lehigh County car accident results in injuries and DUI arrest

A car accident usually requires a few weeks for investigators to examine the factors that contributed to the crash, in order to determine how and why the accident happened. Police may also conduct a criminal background check on all drivers involved, and review their driving records for violations, traffic citations, and particularly drunk driving convictions. While previous driving violations may be unrelated to the current case, they may help provide a snapshot of the driving behaviors of those involved.

Informing Pennsylvanians about auto defects and risks

Most manufacturers want to earn the loyalty and trust of their customers when it comes to their products. They do so by producing quality products that meet the needs of consumers in their target market, whether it is an international market or a more localized region, such as the state of Pennsylvania. In addition to product quality and marketplace competitiveness, however, manufacturers also need to be concerned about product safety.

New Pennsylvania child abuse prevention laws go into effect

If there is any silver lining to be found in the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal, it is that Sandusky’s actions forced Pennsylvanians to take a closer look at how state laws protect (or fail to protect) children. An examination of Pennsylvania laws revealed that there were some pretty serious flaws that needed to be fixed.

Sex abuse and the fallibility of human memory

In December, we wrote about the fact that victims of sex abuse and other violent crime commonly experience lapses in memory and hazy recall of details. This phenomenon is not evidence that a victim is lying. Rather, research has shown that this is often a byproduct of the way that the human brain copes with trauma.

What are the different kinds of elder abuse?

Growing older naturally presents more challenges for people. We all become more prone to disease, illness and accidents over time. Unfortunately, as elders we also become more vulnerable to abuse by others. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that each year hundreds of thousands of American adults age 60 and older experience some sort of financial exploitation, nursing home neglect or elder abuse. Some of those victims are Pennsylvanians.

Does diocesan bankruptcy affect compensation of sex abuse victims?

The Catholic Church is no stranger to litigation or money problems. Since victims of clergy sexual abuse began pursuing lawsuits against the church en masse, 11 Catholic dioceses across the U.S. have filed for bankruptcy protection.

Tow truck hits Philadelphia woman, then flees

No resident of Philadelphia wants to get involved or cause a car accident. However, accidents are inevitable. In the event of a car crash, it is the duty of all drivers to render assistance to the injured, seek medical help and report the incident to the authorities. In a recent car accident in Northeast Philadelphia, a driver continued to drive his vehicle after hitting a Pennsylvania woman.

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