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November 2014 Archives

The roadway dangers of large trucks in Pennsylvania

Large trucks pose risk, danger and hazards to the motoring public in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for different reasons. Some truck drivers are inadequately supervised and trained by employers. Additionally many truck drivers violate federal trucking regulations regarding the permitted number of hours for uninterrupted driving. Truck accidents involving cars are almost always fatal because commercial trucks are heavier and larger than passenger vehicles, which contributes greatly to the number of fatalities and injuries that have occurred on Pennsylvania roads and across the United States.

Proving negligence after a nursing home injury: Part I

With Thanksgiving coming up later this week, many of us are thinking about family. We are grateful for family members who are still with us, even if we can’t see them as often as we’d like. Many Americans are also thinking about their elderly parents or grandparents who, due to failing physical or cognitive health, need to be in a nursing home.

Is product manufacturing important to Pennsylvania consumers?

Some people buy products simply because of their design. For example, some car owners in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, may buy a vehicle for its design, seating capacity and features. This can also apply if a person is buying a smart phone. However, the product design is not the only important feature when it comes time to choosing a product. Consumers should also be mindful of the product's safety as well.

Saving elders from harmful nursing home neglect

Pennsylvanians will agree that malnutrition is a serious health issue to children in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. However, this issue is no less urgent when it affects elders and nursing home residents. Anyone may suffer malnutrition when the body is deprived of significant and needed vitamins and nutrients because not enough good food is available for consumption. Dehydration is similar to malnutrition because it happens when a person is not getting the necessary fluids. Unfortunately, many elderly people, specifically nursing home residents, are experiencing these conditions.

The destructive power of denial in cases of child sex abuse

The Jerry Sandusky scandal has largely left the headlines (although his crimes have inspired more stringent laws in Pennsylvania for adults who want to work with children). The evidence against Sandusky was so plentiful and so strong that, once exposed, he was easily convicted. After the criminal trial concluded, many sexual abuse victims were able to obtain settlements in civil lawsuits.

Alleged hit-and-run driver arrested for injuring older pedestrian

Pedestrians are at a distinct disadvantage anytime they cross a street or highway, whether they are crossing in a marked crosswalk or the middle of a block. Unfortunately, some drivers do not stop for pedestrians regardless of where they are crossing. This apparently is what happened recently in a car accident in Upper Chichester.

Pennsylvania legislators pass important crime victims' rights law

Among the most controversial figures in modern Pennsylvania history is a man named Mumia Abu-Jamal, who was convicted for the 1981 murder of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner. During the nearly 30 years he spent on death row, Abu-Jamal made a name for himself from his prison cell as a writer and political activist. His death sentence was commuted in 2012, and the 60-year-old will instead spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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