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October 2014 Archives

Contributing factors in Pennsylvania truck accidents

Accidents involving large trucks are very dangerous on America's roadways, including in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They can impose serious injuries and sometimes fatalities because trucks are heavier and larger than passenger vehicles. Because of this situation, federal agencies, such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, continue to conduct additional research on truck accidents with the hope that their findings will help curb the number of fatalities from truck accidents each year.

Pennsylvania diocese settles sex abuse claims for $8 million

Earlier this month, we wrote about a Pennsylvania priest who has been charged with possession of child pornography and sex tourism. Under the guise of missionary work, the priest allegedly traveled to Central America to sexually abuse boys in orphanages.

Are overworked doctors contributing to medical errors?

Time is precious for all health-care employees, but especially for physicians who evaluate and treat many patients every day. Although Pennsylvanians might think there are enough doctors in the state's hospitals to attend to their medical needs, they might be wrong. In fact, one national study earlier this year discovered that too few doctors means overworking the ones in practice - and adding to the numbers of medical errors.

Pennsylvania youth volunteers subject to strict background checks

The Jerry Sandusky scandal has made all Pennsylvanians more vigilant about the threat of child sexual abuse. It has also raised awareness that child predators do not necessarily stand out as suspicious, and that this is why it may be easy for them to gain access to children in a professional or volunteer context.

Eighty million dollar product liability filed against Toys R Us

The pride and joy of many parents in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is their children. Many mothers and fathers will do and give practically anything to their children just to see them smile. They buy them clothes, toys and accessories, including items like the Teenage Mutant Ninja wristwatch, which is available at Toys R Us and other department stores.

Pennsylvania priest charged with child porn and sex tourism

Last month, a Pennsylvania priest was arrested on charges of possession of child pornography and engaging in sex tourism. Authorities say that for more than a decade, the 69-year-old priest would travel to countries in Central America under the guise of doing missionary work with young, male orphans. Instead, he allegedly sexually abused these boys.

What do you know about nursing home neglect?

We all care about our relatives, particularly the elderly ones. Families usually worry about the health and living condition of their elder loved ones. For good care and supervision, Americans place elders in nursing homes and long-term care facilities if they are unable to care for them at home. These nursing homes are specifically designed to benefit residents. Unfortunately, some facilities that are charged with caring for residents end up abusing them, instead.

Priest leaves legacy of sexually abusing more than 100 children

The clergy sex abuse scandal involving priests in the Catholic Church is an example of how child predators will continue to abuse children until or unless they are stopped. Over the last half-century or more, many priests who had been credibly accused of child sex abuse were not arrested or defrocked. Instead, they were quietly asked to relocate, where they went on to sexually abuse more children.

How do cell phones contribute to car accidents?

Cell phones have a huge appeal to Americans, particularly Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, residents. Due to the fact that cell phones enable a person to stay connected with family, friends, and anyone who has an Internet connection, cell phones seem to dominate their lives. Teenagers and young adults are not the only ones who are fascinated by their mobile devices, adults are no different. According to a study conducted by Pew Internet & American Life Project, 82 percent of adults own cell phones. Of those, 58 percent receive and send text messages.

Now-arrested teacher masterfully groomed his sex abuse victims

We have written many times in past posts about the act of “grooming.” This is what child sex abusers do to gain their victims’ trust, break down boundaries and eventually keep victims from reporting the abuse. It takes patience, skill and the ability to be highly manipulative.

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