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September 2014 Archives

Are cameras the answer to preventing nursing home abuse & neglect?

The U.S. is gaining a higher concentration of aging and elderly citizens. This is, in part, because of the very large baby boom generation. But advances in healthcare also mean that people are living longer than in the past.

Prevalence of misdiagnosis threatens every patient in the U.S.

Of the many types of medical errors that have made headlines in the U.S. including in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose is considered the most common type. Despite its frequentness, it is an error that can result in severe consequences for a patient.

Lawsuit filed against website notorious for child sex trafficking

There is no doubt that the internet has long been used as a tool to facilitate sex crimes against children. Despite the efforts of specialized law enforcement units and other concerned advocates, child pornography and even ads for child sex trafficking are abundantly available online.

We can educate you about workers' compensation

Workers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, do their best in their respective jobs for the benefit of their families. Whether you are working in a fast food chain, at a construction site or in an office, your primary motivation is your family. However, doing your work properly and productively does not ensure your safety from a workplace injury.

Hip replacements lead to two more product liability lawsuits

Hip-replacement surgery has been a staple of surgery over the last 30 years and typically uses a device made of ceramic, plastic or metal. Although a surgeon's expertise is necessary for the procedure to be successful, the prosthetic hip itself should be in excellent condition and free of defects before surgery. If not, patients are in danger of suffering unacceptable medical conditions from these defective products.

Why child sexual abuse must be considered a gender-less issue

In our last post, we wrote about a recently published Unicef report attempting to quantify worldwide rates of sexual abuse against young, female victims. According to the report, approximately 10 percent of girls and young women globally (about 120 million) have been forced into sex or sexual acts before reaching age 20.

Unicef reports alarming rates of child sexual abuse worldwide

For all the good that mankind is capable of, it is also cable of great evil. Societies ought to be judged by how well they protect and care for their most vulnerable citizens, including children. If that is the standard by which we are measured, few societies on earth are doing very well.

What are the signs of elder abuse?

Once people reach their 60s and 70s, they usually begin to experience more illnesses as their bodies become weaker and more susceptible to a variety of diseases. When they reach the point of requiring full-time care, people often enter nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Unfortunately, these places often put residents at risk of abuse and neglect.

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