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August 2014 Archives

Town's supervisor killed in car accident in store parking lot

Most personal injury claims in the United States, including Pennsylvania, follow from motor vehicle crashes. Unfortunately, those who make these claims have usually sustained serious injuries ranging from broken bones to spinal cord injuries to brain injuries. And some motor vehicle accidents take lives in just seconds.

Ex-therapist from PA arrested for sexually abusing patients

Victims of abuse often suffer the most severe trauma when they are abused by those they know and those they should be able to trust. Whether their abuser is a parent, a teacher, doctor or therapist, the sexual abuse is compounded by manipulation and betrayal.

Church liable for sending sexually abusive pastor to new church

We have previously written about a behavior known as “passing the trash.” This is when sexual abusers who work in schools and similar organizations are allowed to resign quietly rather than being fired and reported to police. Their previous employer may even agree to write a letter of recommendation.

Wrong-patient medication errors threaten patient safety and lives

Unsuspecting patients in Pennsylvania who are the victims of medical errors often suffer aggravated and sometimes fatal health problems. One of the most common medical errors comes from mistakes in medication. The Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority reports 813 cases of medication error from July through December 2011. Most of these were from the administration of drugs to the wrong patients, a common health-care problem. Unfortunately, some instances proved deadly.

Former Penn State coaches try to distance themselves from scandal

The Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse allegations were so scandalous that they shook the state of Pennsylvania to its core. The scandal also created significant fallout for certain Penn State employees, and that fallout continues to this day.

Philadelphia auto shop is newest workplace accident scene

To many Philadelphia residents auto mechanic work probably seems like an easy job compared with construction work or industrial plant work. Unfortunately, no workers are exempt from workplace injuries or a workplace accident. For that reason, it is important for employers to monitor potential hazards in the workplace.

Michael Jackson child sex abuse allegations continue to surface

As we learned with the Jerry Sandusky scandal, some of America’s biggest stars also have some of the biggest secrets. Another example is the late Michael Jackson, who was never criminally convicted of child sexual abuse, but who continues to face new allegations five years after his death.

Man paralyzed in accident awarded $55 million for bad seatbelt

Every motorist is advised to use the safety features in motor vehicles that have been designed to prevent or minimize driver and passenger injuries from accidents. Seatbelts, in particular, are designed to restrain their users during impact and protect them from the more severe injuries seen in collisions such as being ejected from a vehicle. Defective seatbelts, however, cannot offer any real protection.

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