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June 2014 Archives

Child sex abuse: Why lifting statute of limitations is crucial

Earlier this week, we wrote about the passage of an important piece of legislation in Massachusetts. Signed into law by Gov. Patrick yesterday, the bill lifts the statute of limitations on many sexual abuse cases. Child sex abuse survivors would have until the age of 53 to pursue civil lawsuits against their abusers and others who may have been negligent or complicit.

Female bicyclist wins car accident lawsuit against two drivers

The city of Philadelphia has large numbers of bicyclists who use their bicycles as a way to get to work, go shopping or get some exercise. Unfortunately, bicyclists are especially vulnerable in the event of a car accident. For this reason alone, drivers of motor vehicles should be vigilant, at all times, to the presence of anyone riding a bicycle.

Bill Lifting Statute of Limitations on Sexual Abuse Claims in Massachusetts Pending

Soloff and Zervanos is pleased to announce breaking news in Massachusetts. A bill lifting the statute of limitations on many sexual abuse claims was unanimously passed in the Massachusetts House and Senate and awaits Governor Deval Patrick's signature to go into immediate effect. The bill gives the survivors of sexual abuse the legal right to file civil charges and pursue claims against their alleged abusers, including supervisors or employers responsible, until they turn age 53. This bill will greatly assist in the exposure of numerous predators that had previously been protected by standing statute of limitations restrictions.

Gynecologist accused of sexually abusing several patients

Each of us needs to pay for professional services and advice on a regular basis. We take our car to the repair shop, we hire an accountant to help us with our taxes and we regularly pay for deliciously prepared food and table service in restaurants. Bad service in these situations can certainly be frustrating.

$1.5 million settlement for wrongful death case against facility

Many nursing homes and assisted-living facilities in the U.S., including those in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania promise healthy and safe environments for their residents. Some of the missions and visions of these homes invoke true peace of mind and a guarantee that the residents are secure and well-valued by their employees and staff. ACTS Retirement-Life Communities based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, also offers this kind of assurance for elders and their families.

When it comes to child sex abuse, neutrality is not an option

Child sexual abuse is rarely ever a crime of opportunity. Those who abuse children are calculating and patient. As such, it is foolish to think that they would stop with one victim. For this and many other reasons, those who are aware of child sexual abuse but do not report it (when they have the power to do so) are complicit in the current crime and future ones.

Construction accident injury results in a huge payout

Heavy equipment, tools and elevated places are not the only hazards present on a construction site. Even cement, brink and materials being used by the construction workers and contractors may put a worker's life on the line. While a worker may sometimes survive a serious accident in the workplace, the injuries he or she may sustain can affect an individual's normal way of life and capacity to work again.

Church officials often 'can't remember' cases of priest sex abuse

Whether here in Pennsylvania or any other part of the country, the sex abuse scandals involving priests in the Catholic Church have followed a familiar pattern. One or two victims come forward after years of struggling with the memory of clergy sexual abuse. Those individuals inspire others to share their own stories of abuse, often perpetrated by the same priests.

Olney car accident sends two people to Einstein Medical Center

Car accidents are a frequent occurrence in busy cities, such as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. When an auto accident occurs, the results can be devastating to those involved, who often suffer serious injuries, such as broken bones, head trauma and back injury. These injuries can lead to temporary or permanent disability, paralysis or in some cases, death. The sad part about car accidents is that they are often caused by negligence, which compounds the grief of victims and their families.

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