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May 2014 Archives

Another mass shooting forces questions about gun-control debate

Last week, America added another mass shooting incident to an already long and distressing list. Six people were killed during a 22-year-old man’s shooting rampage, which occurred near Santa Barbara, California. Making the case even more chilling is the fact that the shooter revealed his plans ahead of time in a YouTube video.

Sportscaster exposes unsafe working conditions of golf courses

Pennsylvania workers, especially those who work in high-risk industries such as construction, understand that almost all jobs pose various workplace hazards that can cause accidents. Each state has its own workers' compensation laws that allow employees who have suffered injuries on the job to file claims to compensate for their losses. Employees should note that a workers' compensation claim is not only applicable to workplace injuries. Diseases caused by years of exposure to harmful chemicals in the workplace can also be compensated under a claim.

Why sexual abuse against men is misunderstood and under-reported

It has only been in recent decades that Americans have truly been able to talk openly about the very difficult subjects of rape and sexual abuse. These are still not easy conversations to have, but victim advocates are doing their best to keep rape and sexual abuse from being swept back under the rug, so to speak.

The importance of admitting mistakes following a surgical error

Most Americans, including those in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, believe that the relationship between patients and their health care provider is built over a strong foundation of trust. Patients know that whenever they feel something wrong with their health, they can always rely on their doctors and other health care providers. However, numerous cases of surgical errors, misdiagnosis and other hospital negligence can cause people to think twice before undergoing a procedure or treatment.

Chili powder from Thailand now under FDA-supervised recall

Pennsylvania's consumers expect that food and other grocery items are safe to consume when they are put on store shelves. Unfortunately, despite common safeguards that are meant to keep defective products from reaching market, some still do, often causing injuries and sometimes killing consumers.

Sandusky victim speaks out on horrors of victim blaming

In the recent national discussions about sexual assault on college campuses, victim advocates have said that many rape victims are afraid to come forward because of how they might be treated by the public. Sex abuse victims often have to face the very real possibilities that few will believe their story and that many will actually blame them for what happened.

Giving kids the words to understand sexual abuse

Parents have a fierce protective instinct when it comes to their own children. It is what wakes us in the middle of the night at the slightest noise. It is what causes us to lose our cool when we hear that our child may have been bullied. It is the force behind those apocryphal stories of mothers who find the strength to lift one side of an automobile in order to save their baby trapped underneath.

Philadelphia Nursing Home continues operation despite criticism

When families can no longer care for elderly loved ones, they rely on nursing home facilities to provide the best possible care for aging people and also for people with disabilities. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, nursing home staff duties include dispensing medication and keeping patients clean and safe from dangerous conditions such as wet floors.

Mulch elevator accident injures 2 workers west of Philadelphia

Most workers who operate machinery or work with hazardous equipment or materials know that a workplace accident can happen at almost any time. For that reason, most workers and employers in Pennsylvania keep safety as their number one concern every day on the job. Still, work-related accidents happen even in the safest industries. When they do, an injured worker is legally entitled to file a workers' compensation claim to obtain benefits to cover medical expenses and lost wages.

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