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March 2014 Archives

Nursing home continues to operate despite numerous citations

Nursing homes or personal care homes are located all across Pennsylvania, providing care mostly to the elderly. Here in Philadelphia, local readers, whose loved ones live in a nursing home, expect that the nursing home workers and staff will provide the best quality of care for their loved one. However, that is not always the case. Reports about maltreatment, abuse and neglect inside nursing home facilities continue to surface.

PA female teacher charged with sex abuse despite student's age

In certain cases, it is not always easy to define whether sex between two people was truly consensual. In cases of adults having sex with minors, the law makes clear that minors below a certain age cannot legally give consent. In most of the U.S. the age of consent is between 16 and 18 years old.

Gas explosion injures seven workers and kills homeowner

The purpose of workers' compensation in any state, including Pennsylvania, is to provide benefits to workers who sustain injuries in the performance of their work duties. Workers' comp typically covers medical expenses and lost wages, allowing workers to recover without financial worries so they can rejoin the workforce.

Key witness in Sandusky case may have been child sex abuse victim

The Jerry Sandusky scandal is still fresh in the minds of most Pennsylvanians. With Sandusky now in prison and most victim lawsuits settled or otherwise resolved, the focus now turns to the former Penn State officials who allegedly failed to intervene after receiving disturbing accounts of Sandusky sexually abusing at least one of his victims.

Wrong-way driver causes car accident, injuring two people

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a minivan driving on the wrong side of the road collided with a parked car and a police vehicle, injuring the driver and a police officer in the process. According to police reports, the early morning accident occurred when the wrong-way driver struck a parked car. The force of collision pushed the parked car into the police vehicle.

Kentucky woman files product liability suit in Philadelphia court

Even with their benefits, almost all medications present some health risks. Although many drug manufacturers claim their products have minimal side effects, certain drugs on the market have histories that undercut and challenge the truth of these claims.

Former PA school hockey coach faces 27 charges for child sex abuse

Some of our recent posts have focused on school teachers in Pennsylvania and around the U.S. who have been accused of sexually abusing students. For all of their efforts to screen job candidates, school districts cannot ensure that child molesters will not be hired.

PTSD: The hidden wounds for victims of violent crime

When most people hear about a condition like post-traumatic stress disorder, a particular image frequently comes to mind: war. We associate PTSD with returning veterans, because the horrors witnessed and experienced in a war zone leave many soldiers with long-lasting or even permanent psychological scars.

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