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February 2014 Archives

Alleged nursing home negligence leads to seven arrests

Elderly people around the country, including Pennsylvania, often have health problems that require constant care so that they can live out their lives in some comfort. The demands of providing such care are often so high that families cannot look after elderly relatives and must instead depend on the services of nursing homes. Sadly, some nursing homes violate that trust in disturbing ways.

Pennsylvania teacher sentenced to prison for student sex abuse

Few victims of child sexual abuse have the courage to testify against their abusers in the courtroom, nor can they be expected to. The feelings of shame and violation are already too much for many young victims to handle; which is often why victims may repress these traumatic memories well into adulthood. Sadly, this often means that child abusers are allowed to continue their crimes for years.

Pennsylvania's Academic Urology faces medical malpractice lawsuit

Many residents of Philadelphia are aware that cancer can be a fatal disease and treating it requires expert analysis and precise medical treatments. They also believe that when they enter a hospital for a serious surgical procedure, their doctor will give them the highest level of professional care.

Effects of Sandusky sex abuse scandal the focus of new documentary

It is now nearly impossible to hear about Penn State without thinking of the Jerry Sandusky scandal. Pennsylvanians in the town of State College would probably like to move on and to rebuild the once stellar reputation of a place nicknamed Happy Valley, but doing so will not be easy or quick.

Nursing home exhibits high number of bedsores, low rating

Pennsylvanians sometimes rely on the services of nursing homes to take care of family members who can no longer take care of themselves or who need special care. Sometimes, though, these family members fall prey to abuse and neglect.

Victim of teacher sex abuse uses social media to confront abuser

The internet and social media have given each of us a platform to express ourselves publicly if we so choose. In many cases, this platform is used for less-than-noteworthy purposes by average Americans looking for their 15 minutes of fame.

Hospital stays expose patients to harms and medical errors

Few people, including Pennsylvanians, look forward to a hospital stay. If it means medical treatment that will improve their own or a loved one's well-being, however, they are more willing to accept a stay if they feel the hospital and medical staff are qualified and competent. Unfortunately, time in the hospital can have negative results for a patient's health for a few reasons.

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