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January 2014 Archives

Catholic priest sex abuse scandals widespread in the U.S.

Many of our posts in recent months have focused on the ongoing clergy sexual abuse scandals in Philadelphia and other parts of the state. Sadly, the disturbing and frequent incidents of child sexual abuse allegedly perpetrated by priests are a problem that spreads far beyond the borders of Pennsylvania. So too, are the alleged cover-ups by officials in the Catholic Church.

Workplace accident in Knouse Foods plant sends 11 to hospitals

Fresh produce and processed products from Knouse Foods have graced the tables of many households in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The cooperative has also employed many local residents. However, the company may now be under fire after a workplace accident at one of its plants sent 11 people to local hospitals.

Defective products remain threats even after product recalls

Certain items hold special sentimental value for Philadelphia families and their relatives. Whether they are particular pieces of furniture, antique wedding dresses, items of jewelry or other important things, families can pass certain heirlooms down for many generations. Though the tradition of giving from ancestors to descendants is usually heartfelt, some passed down gifts pose dangerous threats to those who receive them.

Wife of movie theater murder victim may file suit against shooter

The United States has had more public acts of horrific gun violence in the last few years than any country should ever allow. Yet gun laws have effectively remained the same and the debate over safety vs. freedom continues with little change from those on either side of the issue.

PA Lawmakers Work to Improve Child Sexual Abuse Safeguards

Soloff and Zervanos supports the efforts being undertaken in Harrisburg to improve the protection of children from sexual abuse. The package of bills being prepared by Pennsylvania legislators include steps to redefine the legal definition of child abuse so that it encompasses more acts of injustice and exploitation previously not considered as child abuse. This will lead to increased prosecution of these crimes. To read further about this and the additional legal improvements in child protection being sought by our legislators please check out this recent article from Penn Live.

Winter driving tips that could save your life

Even though the Philadelphia area has been lucky to experience a stretch of mild winter weather lately, have no doubt that accumulating snow and frigid temps will appear once again. That's why the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation wants to remind drivers of some important winter driving tips.

2 central Pennsylvania hospitals blamed for young woman's death

On May 11, a 26-year-old woman graduated from medical school. On May 29, she died of a brain hemorrhage at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, where she was set to begin her first year of residency. Tragically, she could have been saved. When she first came for treatment, the blood clot that took her life hadn’t yet begun to bleed, and a timely diagnosis and treatment would likely have prevented it. Neither of those things happened.

Drunk driver fails at incognito act after causing 3-car crash

Outrage. That's about the only word you can use to describe how victims of drunk driving accidents feel, and it's completely understandable. Here they are, driving their car; or walking across the street; or riding their bike, and a reckless and irresponsible person who shouldn't even be on the road changes their life forever.

PA appeals court makes shocking ruling in clergy sex abuse case

President John F. Kennedy once said that "the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis maintain their neutrality." We are in a time of great moral crisis: an epidemic of sexual abuse committed against children. Regardless of their particular religious beliefs, most Pennsylvanians would agree that if someone is aware of acts of child sexual abuse and has the power to intervene, that person has a moral obligation to do so. If they deliberately fail to act, they are complicit in the crime.

Boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard speaks out against child sex abuse

Most celebrities give money and endorsement to various charities and causes at some point. Most of the time, however, it seems as though celebrities choose charities/causes that are entirely without controversy and easy to discuss publicly. Such causes are certainly worth supporting, but neither celebrities nor regular Americans should shy away from other important causes just because they may be uncomfortable to think about and discuss.

No Pennsylvania Workers' Comp Act for latent occupational illness

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently issued an important ruling for people who develop illnesses caused by something in their workplace environments. Some diseases aren’t immediately apparent but take years or even decades to manifest. In this case, the disease in question was mesothelioma, a deadly cancer caused by exposure to asbestos, but the ruling presumably applies to any work-related medical condition that wouldn’t ordinarily be diagnosed within about six years.

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