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December 2013 Archives

A recall doesn't necessarily require product to be removed

When many people in Philadelphia hear that a product has been recalled, they immediately stop using it, try to return it or look up information on what to do next. Those are all reasonable responses to a recall, which is generally only issued when a product has been deemed dangerous. So, it may come as a surprise to learn that hospitals may not always have the same approach, continuing to use defective medical products after they have been recalled. In fact, it may be even more shocking that even the most serious recall, a Class I recall, does not require a product to be pulled off shelves right away.

Home burglary ends up exposing child sex abuser

Sex crimes against children are considered to be among the most reprehensible transgressions a person can make. Such offenses are judged as beyond the pale even by other criminals. It is telling that inmates convicted of child sexual abuse must often be kept separate from other inmates for their own protection.

2 Pennsylvania bars to pay $6.6 million for drunk driving wreck

In 2010, a member of an East Stroudsburg bar’s softball team was celebrating with his teammates and friends. The bartender, a friend, was giving him some free shots. Knowing he had to drive later, he asked to switch over to seltzer water. It was still early, though, so the bartender promised to drive him home after his shift ended.

Youth golf coach arrested for sexually abusing students

For the last few decades, safety advocates have been trying to warn kids about "stranger danger." Children are warned that they should never talk to or accept rides/candy from an adult they don't know. These well-meaning warnings are an effort to prevent child abductions and child sex abuse.

Tips to protect your kids from unsafe toys and gifts this year

There’s good news from the Consumer Product Safety Commission this year: recalls involving unsafe toys are down, largely due to third-party testing requirements and more toys that violate safety standards being stopped at ports. Fewer toy recalls is good news, but it doesn’t mean no dangerous toys are sitting on store shelves.

Pope announces new commission on sexual abuse: Is it enough?

Since he took on the role some nine months ago, Pope Francis has proven to be exceedingly popular with Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Many believe his leadership will change the face of Catholicism and show it to be kinder, gentler, more inclusive and less judgmental than in the past. 

Study: fatal car-bike and car-pedestrian accidents on the rise

As we’ve said before, according to 2005 data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 64,000 pedestrians and 45,000 bicyclists were injured in car accidents in that year alone. Nearly 5,000 pedestrians and almost 1,000 bikers were killed that year.

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