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November 2013 Archives

Victim of clergy sexual abuse has case settled for $2.3 million

In recent decades, the Catholic Church's reputation has been tarnished by a continuous wave of sexual abuse scandals. The cases in a given area of the country often start with a single allegation, which then gives other victims the courage to come forward.

Report suggests doctors do not report mistakes of other doctors

There are a variety of reasons that a doctor in Pennsylvania may not report another doctor's error to a patient or administrative staff. These reasons may include being worried about a hostile reaction from the physician who made the error, fear of reprisal or an inability to gather all the information regarding a patient's treatment. Regardless, not reporting such medical mistakes may be common practice and might be a factor that increases the number of injuries caused by surgical errors.

Penn State faces yet another Sandusky sex abuse civil suit

It was only a few weeks ago that we wrote about a significant development in the Sandusky sex abuse civil lawsuits against Penn State. Late last month, the university agreed to settle with 26 of Jerry Sandusky's victims for nearly $60 million.

Basic changes to assisted living may mean abuse, neglect for many

Working with the public interest group ProPublica, PBS’s “Frontline” recently aired a major report revealing that assisted living facilities across the U.S., lack fundamental state or federal oversight -- yet the industry is increasingly taking on the responsibilities of more highly-regulated nursing homes. Over the past two decades, the reporters found, the assisted living industry has undergone profound changes -- and they may be leaving vulnerable seniors open to abuse and neglect.

Pennsylvania youth football coach arrested for raping teen girl

Sports leagues, clubs and community organizations are a great way for kids to learn valuable life skills and make meaningful connections with their peers. And while many adults in a given community are happy to help lead youth-centered activities, time and experience have shown that not every adult volunteers with good intentions.

NTSB points the finger at FMCSA in deadly truck and bus accidents

Yesterday, the National Transportation Safety Board released a scathing report accusing the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration of critical negligence in at least four commercial bus and truck accidents it investigated. In just these four cases, 83 people were injured and 25 killed, and the NTSB charges that federal inspectors either missed or ignored obvious warning signs involving the very companies responsible.

Letting patients wander out of nursing homes a top form of neglect

If you follow the news, you’ve undoubtedly heard of shocking instances of abuse and neglect in nursing homes and similar facilities. Tragically, the people most likely to be victims of nursing home neglect are those whose medical conditions make them easy targets -- people with cognitive or memory limitations, developmental disabilities, mental illnesses and problems communicating.

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