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October 2013 Archives

Nearly $60M will be paid by Penn State to 26 Sandusky victims

There has been a lot of forward momentum in recent months in the lawsuits against Penn State regarding the crimes committed by Jerry Sandusky. The former assistant football coach will effectively spend the rest of his life in prison after being convicted of 45 criminal counts related to sexually abusing dozens of young boys.

Victim of child sex abuse dies before priest can be prosecuted

Earlier this month, we wrote about an elderly Catholic priest in Philadelphia who was charged with sexually molesting an alter boy when the boy was between 11 and 14 years old. As an adult, the victim recently decided to file criminal charges against the priest.

Glitches in new paperless workers' comp system holding up claims

It was inevitable that Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation system would eventually go electronic, but no one was expecting the substantial delays being created at the Bureau of Workers' Compensation. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, at least 500 new workers’ comp claims are still awaiting assignments to judges since the bureau’s new paperless system went online on Sept. 9.

Bed safety rails injure and kill thousands in nursing homes

Parents and family members do all they can to make sure that the products their baby is exposed to are safe. This includes cribs, which have undergone substantial regulation in recent years to prevent babies and toddlers from getting trapped and suffocating.

Thousands hurt annually by adult bedrails, many in nursing homes

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, nearly 37,000 people sought emergency medical treatment between 2003 and 2012 after being injured by adult portable bedrails, and 155 died. Most of these accidents occurred in private homes or in nursing facilities.

Clinical driving fitness evaluation could prevent car accidents

A new program at Loyola University Health System could help prevent people who don’t realize they aren’t fit to drive from getting behind the wheel. It could also relieve the awkwardness that often keeps people from confronting elderly loved ones about their deteriorating driving habits.

Philadelphia priest will finally be prosecuted for child sex abuse

Cases of child sexual abuse by priests, teachers, coaches and other trusted adults are far too common. Last week, we wrote about a Pennsylvania priest who was recently arrested and now faces several criminal charges related to sexual acts with an underage teen. In light of the criminal charges, many are now scrutinizing the priest's work history, during which he was frequently moved around to different parishes.

Report: many nursing homes still lack automatic sprinkler systems

Fire is a disaster in a nursing home or long-term care facility, where many residents are too frail or disabled to escape on their own. As a spokesperson for the National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care told the New York Times for a recent report, many residents aren’t even able to get out of bed without two staff members assisting them, while others suffer from cognitive impairments that don’t allow them to understand fire alarms or follow staff directions. Worse, fires often occur at night, when staffing levels are lowest.

Pennsylvania priest arrested for sex acts with underage teen

While child sexual abuse is an issue that reaches into nearly all walks of life, it is frequently associated with the Catholic Church, and has been for decades. Whether or not this association is deserved is a matter of debate, but it seems that priest sexual abuse allegations continue to surface regularly.

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