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July 2013 Archives

Landline extinction, cellphone popularity causing 911 problems

Jokes are made in the media, whether it is on television, film or in print, about callers being put on hold when contacting the 911 emergency hotline. Although it may be used for a punchline, the efficiency of the emergency service is no laughing matter. Victims of crime and personal injury rely on the service every day -- some call centers handling two calls every minute.

Report compares worker safety across states

For people in Pennsylvania and across the nation, workplace safety attracts attention even as television shows fascinate many watchers. A recent study released statistics on the most dangerous jobs along with the most dangerous states where employees work. The number of those injured on the job can range widely between states, even for those within the same field.

Old and new techniques lead to reduced crime in Philly

Technological innovations are impacting our lives in many ways, include how we keep our cities safe. The city of Philadelphia is proving an example of this, with a reduction in crime connected to these innovations. How is technology impacting crime enforcement efforts? Officers are now able to input data and use computer analysis to determine which areas within the city are at the highest risk for crime. Once this information is gathered, police can increase their efforts in these areas.

Are explosion and fire likely in Philadelphia?

Thousands of aging Philadelphia buildings with shops on the ground level and apartments above may be susceptible to explosions and fires. An explosion followed by a devastating fire that started at the rear of a first-floor hair salon in a five-story building in New York City's Chinatown injured twelve people, four firefighters and eight residents from apartments on the four upper floors. Four of the eight injured residents went to local hospitals as emergency cases, two in critical and two in serious condition.

Pennsylvania considering new DNA laws

A recent Supreme Court holding is trickling down to Pennsylvania. In that holding, Maryland v. King, the Supreme Court found that DNA samples taken after an arrest can have a dramatic impact. One of the most important outcomes of these samples: helping put criminals in prison.

Surgical complications increase with emergency surgery

As opposed to the risks associated with a planned gallbladder surgery, a study has found a correlation between emergency gallbladder surgeries and post-surgical complications. Surgery at night and being an older male were also associated with certain surgical errors and complications. Data was gathered from nearly 600 gallbladder surgeries performed at one large city hospital. The study suggested a staggering 90 percent of the surgeries that happened at night also produced complications. No Philadelphia hospitals were named in the study.

Ohio sexual abuse victims an example of life after abuse

Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight offer a courageous example of the effort needed to rebuild a life of normalcy after being victimized by a sexual abuser. These three women suffered almost a decade of sexual abuse when held captive in a Cleveland home. The women worked together to produce a video thanking everyone that has stepped forward to offer support and assistance as they attempt to transition back into everyday life and recently released the video on YouTube.

Fresenius Medical Care may face class action lawsuit

Pennsylvania residents who have been harmed by the drug GranuFlo may have the ability to join a class action lawsuit against the medical supplier Fresenius Medical Care if a court certifies the action. A woman whose husband died due to heart failure shortly after being treated with GranuFlo filed a complaint in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas in June. The complaint includes the request that it be made class action, which would allow individuals who suffered heart problems and their beneficiaries to join the suit.

Pennsylvania lawmakers approve child protection bills

Public shock and outcry over recent sex abuse cases in Pennsylvania has led lawmakers to take more steps to protect children. In particular, three bills were overwhelmingly passed by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, and those pieces of legislation will now have to be weighed against and perhaps combined with similar measures in the Senate.

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