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For drivers, intersections are a major source of collision risk

Driving or riding in a motor vehicle is an inherently dangerous activity. Anything from mechanical failure to inclement weather could contribute to a sudden crash or collision. There's also human error and poor decision making to consider. Despite laws against both drunk and distracted driving, many people choose to operate motor vehicles in a situation that presents elevated risk.

If you try to be a safe driver, there are steps you can take to reduce your risk of a crash. You can commit to avoiding your mobile phone while driving and refuse to take the wheel when drinking. You can also watch out for dangerous areas and risk factors on the road. Intersections are a major risk factor that you can't avoid, but can handle carefully to minimize your overall risk on the road.

Whiplash: It's causes and symptoms

Out of all our body parts, there's one that is extremely vulnerable to the gravitational forces involved in the typical motor vehicle collision: the neck.

Your neck is delicate compared to the rest of the spine because the bones are smaller and there's a lot more flexibility and range of motion in the neck, causing your head to whip around during a vehicle crash. Essentially, whiplash happens when the bones, muscles, joints and tendons of the neck get stretched, torn and bruised.

Breaking the Wall of Silence: Protecting Sex Abuse Victims

Victims of sexual crimes deserve justice. The people who commit these crimes - especially when they are in positions of authority like church elders, teachers and coaches - should be held accountable for their crimes.

However, it is never easy for victims of sexual abuse to come forward and bring legal claims. This problem is increased by the wall of silence created in many organization, especially religious organizations that often have strict rules and practices that insulate victims from the outside help they need.

What percentage of babies have birth defects?

If your baby was born with a serious birth defect, the issues you're facing right now might be a lot more common than you think. In fact, 7 percent of all babies come into this world with some kind of irregularity or birth defect ranging from severe to minor.

Certain birth defects resolve over time with medical treatment or naturally, and the baby can live a perfectly normal life. In other cases, the defect endures, resulting in various challenges throughout childhood and adulthood.

Self-driving cars: Will they reduce vehicle-related deaths?

The year 1980 is largely believed to be the deadliest year in the United States for traffic-related deaths. Over 50,000 people died in an automobile-caused accident that year. What followed were education campaigns, new laws and new safety technologies that served to improve car safety throughout the country. These campaigns, laws and technologies focused on safe driving practices, seatbelt use, airbags and efforts to end drunk driving.

These efforts served to dramatically reduce the number of deaths. The problem is -- with the rise of distractions caused by cellphones, legal marijuana, increased amounts of driving and other factors -- we have seen a 27 percent increase in traffic deaths over the last decade. Some believe that the next step forward in automobile safety involves removing the driver and replacing him or her with autonomous vehicles.

Stay safe on your motorcycle with the following tips

Are you ready to make your daily motorcycle commute safer with fewer chances of getting catastrophically or fatally hurt in a collision? With the rising use of smartphones by the numerous distracted drivers clogging our streets, motorcycle safety is more important than ever.

Yes, we can encourage vehicle drivers to pay more attention to the road, and punish them severely when they don't, but motorcyclists also need to do their part in the name of self-preservation.

How did my baby get Erb's palsy?

Most babies survive pregnancy and the birthing process injury-free. However, in rare cases a baby will develop a problem -- either during pregnancy or birth -- that results in a lifelong disability. One such birth injury is known as Erb's palsy.

Also known as brachial palsy, this birth injury happens in approximately one out of 1,000 births. The injury relates to damage to the brachial plexus -- a conglomeration of nerves that travels through the head, neck and shoulders to connect the baby's arms and hands to his or her brain.

When can I file a pharmaceutical drug complaint?

There are numerous drugs on the market that can cause serious injuries and even death to the patients who take them. Nevertheless, doctors continue to prescribe these drugs for patients when they believe that the potential health benefits outweigh the possible risks.

It's vital for doctors to explain all of the risks associated with the drugs they prescribe to their patients. It's also important for them to use sound judgment when prescribing these potentially dangerous medications to ensure that the risks are indeed warranted. When a doctor fails to do these things and a patient gets hurt or killed because of a dangerous drug, that doctor could be financially liable for the patient's injuries and other damages. In addition, the drug's manufacturer could also have some liability if the medicine is defective or otherwise harmful.

Texting behind the wheel: The science behind the danger

Most people understand that texting takes your mind off what's going on around you. If you're walking, you may bump into someone. If you're standing still in a mall, someone may have to walk around you, but you might not notice.

When it comes to texting behind the wheel, the dangers multiply. Texting takes your attention away from what you're doing in three ways: visually, cognitively and physically.

Cruciani Sex Abuse Case Gaining Media Attention

If you have been following our blogs, it will come as no surprise that our firm is representing more than twenty women in multiple lawsuits who have suffered serious sexual abuse committed by one neurologist, Ricardo Cruciani.

If there is any good news in a case like this, it is this: The media has been giving this case the attention it deserves, and it seems like the media attention will continue to grow and develop until we help obtain justice for our clients.

UPDATE: Ricardo Cruciani re-arrested in New York months after pleading guilty to sexually abusing patients in Philadelphia.  Read More

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