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3 more slip-and-fall accident risks

In the last article on this blog, we covered three of the most common causes of slip-and-fall accidents. However, there are many other dangers that result in people falling and getting hurt on someone else's property. Often, it's the more uncommon of these dangers that surprise us with a catastrophic injury.

Here are three dangers you should watch out for in this regard when you're at someone's property, shopping in the city or visiting an office building:

3 dangers that cause slip-and-fall accidents

Imagine you're walking through a department store when you slip and fall on a piece of clothing that was blocking your path. As it turns out, the clothing had been there all day, but the store employees and management never did anything to move it out of the pathway of customers.

If you seriously hurt yourself as a result of the fall, you probably have the ability to pursue a claim against the store owner. In fact, there are many dangerous circumstances that can present themselves on a piece of property like this, and if a visitor gets hurt by these conditions, he or she will probably have a viable cause of action to pursue a claim.

Be careful when talking with your doctor: Try the following tips

Doctors are skilled at asking questions and pulling vital information out of their patients to ensure accurate diagnoses -- at least, most doctors are. Sometimes doctors negligently fail to spend sufficient time with their patients and they don't ask the questions to fully analyze their patients' health situations. This can result in serious injuries and death.

To avoid becoming a victim of medical malpractice and doctors' errors, patients need to take great care when communicating health problems. The following tips can help you in this regard:

What is shoulder dystocia and how can doctors avoid it?

No mother expects her child to be born with a serious medical condition, but the birthing process can be rough on babies at times -- and a birth injury could be unavoidable. In other situations, however, a birth injury is entirely avoidable.

When doctors detect the possibility of a birth injury during labor, they need to take swift action to prevent the injury. The problem is, this doesn't always happen. Negligent and reckless doctors have caused numerous babies to be born with irreversible medical problems. One such birth injury -- which may or may not be reversible depending on the severity -- is called shoulder dystocia.

The best advice for avoiding an auto collision

Every time you pull out into traffic, you're facing a host of dangers due to the potentially drunk, unlawful, distracted, reckless and generally negligent motorists around you. Although you can't do anything about these motorists, there are a few things you can do to significantly reduce the likelihood that you and your passengers will get seriously hurt in a crash.

Although you may have seen many of the following safety tips before, return to this list, again and again, to keep your memory fresh. Indeed, daily driving can become boring, so it's easy to become complacent and forget to follow this life-saving advice:

What are the most common types of birth injuries?

When something goes wrong during the birthing process, babies can suffer serious injuries. Although birth injuries can happen naturally due to no one's fault, sometimes they happen because a doctor, medical staff or a medical facility committed negligence. Because injured babies and their parents may be able to pursue financial compensation in court, it's important to know what caused their baby to get hurt in any birth injury case.

Here are some of the most common types of birth injuries that parents should watch out for.

How do you determine if you have a premises liability claim?

People can wind up hurt in all kinds of strange situations and locations. While you may think that most accidents happen at home, some of them also happen on public property or inside businesses. The people who end up hurt on someone else's property may find themselves in a financially difficult situation.

Serious injuries can leave someone unable to work. They can also generate substantial medical expenses. Thankfully, that is why premises liability laws exist. Individuals who make their properties open and accessible to the public have a duty of care to anyone who visits their property. Specifically, they must maintain safe facilities. Neglecting to do so could open them up to legal and financial ramifications. If you believe that an injury you suffered may qualify you for a premises liability claim, it is wise to look closely at the situation to better understand it.

The most common types of surgical malpractice

Medical malpractice comes in many forms in the United States. People sometimes may get injured after a surgery, but they don't know the real reason for their suffering because the doctor decided to keep this terrifying surgical error a secret. Or, people may die in a hospital after being given the wrong amounts of medication during a surgical procedure, but close family members believe that the death happened as a result of natural causes because the medication error was never identified.

Here are several of the most common types of surgical errors that patients and their loved ones should watch out for:

Food manufacturer mistakes can lead to serious injuries and death

When American consumers go to the grocery store and purchase food products, they expect those products to be safe for human consumption. They also expect the labels on the products to accurately reflect what's found inside them.

Consumers have the right to expect this due to American consumer product safety laws, which uphold product manufacturers to certain standards of safety and accurate labeling. Unfortunately, manufacturers often make mistakes that cause consumers to suffer serious injuries. When this happens, consumers have the right to pursue financial justice in court.

The real reason we need self-driving cars: Safety

Self-driving cars sound so George Jetson, who wouldn't want one? Casually sipping your coffee and reading a book (or taking a nap) during your morning commute would be better than stressing out while navigating bump-to-bumper traffic. But is convenience and exciting tech the reason we need self-driving cars?

The real reason for the implementation of self-driving cars is safety. Driving enthusiasts and "gearhead" purists will protest against anything that takes their feet away from the gas pedal. However, if we get realistic about driving safety, it's humans and their inability to follow common sense safety practices -- and their propensity for breaking the law -- that are the real safety problems. With the rise of distracting smartphones, and nearly everyone getting addicted to them, the situation is only getting worse.

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