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Philadelphia Personal Injury Blog

Crashes with homes can wreak havoc on victims

Drivers who aren't paying attention or who are intoxicated may make mistakes that result in them literally driving into someone's home. It's hard to believe that it could happen, but it does.

When a driver collides with a building, it obviously puts everyone in that building, as well as the driver and their passengers, potentially at risk. Depending on where the home is hit, there is a possibility that it will be unstable and could collapse on victims as well.

Common causes of car-truck accidents

When driving a passenger vehicle in and around the Philadelphia area, you're likely to find yourself in close proximity to commercial trucks. While this is most common on the interstate, don't be surprised if you come across these vehicles in a city setting as well.

Since a car-truck accident has the potential to cause serious injury and extensive damage, it's important to understand the most common causes.

  • Distracted driving: If a trucker isn't paying attention to the road for any reason, they're more likely to cause an accident. For example, a trucker that doesn't see slow traffic ahead could strike a vehicle from behind, thus causing a chain reaction accident that injures many.
  • Driving under the influence: Alcohol, drugs and prescription medication have the potential to impact a driver's judgment, decision-making and alertness.
  • Reckless driving: It's likely that you've come across a reckless trucker in the past. Common examples include excessive speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, illegal passing and neglecting to use turn signals.
  • Inadequate training: Commercial truckers should receive training from their employer on things such as defensive driving and driving technique. Without the proper training, there's a greater chance that a trucker will cause an accident.
  • Improper loading: There is a right and wrong way to load a commercial truck. Making a mistake in this area can increase the risk of tipping or losing a load in traffic.

Never ignore a blow to the head

Throughout the course of their lives, most people experience a blow to the head from time to time, and in many instances they do not suffer any ill effects. Unfortunately, even relatively minor impacts to the head can cause serious injuries. They are not always easy to diagnose if the victim does not connect their symptoms to a specific event, like a car accident or sports injury.

If you or someone you love suffers a blow to the head, it is always important for the injured person to receive a complete medical examination from a licensed medical professional. Our bodies often suffer injuries that do not cause immediate pain, especially in car accidents and other similar experiences. Without proper care, these injuries can leave us with lasting pain or destroy our professional and personal lives.

Child Victims Act Passes in New York

Help for Child Sex Abuse Survivors

For too many years, too many victims of child sexual abuse have been barred from bringing claims because too much time has passed. New York has had a statute of limitations in place that disallowed adult survivors of child sexual abuse to bring legal action against their abusers after they have reached a certain age.

For many survivors of this terrible crime, it takes years to work through the psychological pain and turmoil and gather up the courage to come forward with a claim. Unfortunately, the state of limitations prevented people in this situation from bringing a claim. At last, this legal limitation has been lifted.

Necessary advice to prevent a serious car crash

We shouldn't have to remind you to avoid getting into a car crash. But just look around at the other motorists you're sharing the road with. They are looking at their cellphones, speeding, swerving through lanes of traffic, tailgating, driving drunk, getting distracted – and basically doing anything and everything that common sense says not to do.

Nevertheless, these people drive every day, get bored and they forget to pay attention to the basic things that – if they did them – would prevent them from causing or getting into a serious collision. So please let the following serve as a serious reminder. You must follow this advice for the safety of yourself and others:

When a prescribed drug causes birth defects

Certain medications can result in birth defects in babies. For this reason, physicians must take great care whenever prescribing medications to a pregnant soon-to-be mother. In most cases, a birth defect case related to medication will target the treating physician, pharmacist or drug company responsible for providing or prescribing the damaging medication to the mother while she was pregnant.

It's tragic to think that a baby could live his or her life with an entirely unnecessarily birth defect because of negligence on the part of a physician, pharmacist or hospital. Nevertheless, when this happens, parents may be able to pursue compensation in court.

3 more slip-and-fall accident risks

In the last article on this blog, we covered three of the most common causes of slip-and-fall accidents. However, there are many other dangers that result in people falling and getting hurt on someone else's property. Often, it's the more uncommon of these dangers that surprise us with a catastrophic injury.

Here are three dangers you should watch out for in this regard when you're at someone's property, shopping in the city or visiting an office building:

3 dangers that cause slip-and-fall accidents

Imagine you're walking through a department store when you slip and fall on a piece of clothing that was blocking your path. As it turns out, the clothing had been there all day, but the store employees and management never did anything to move it out of the pathway of customers.

If you seriously hurt yourself as a result of the fall, you probably have the ability to pursue a claim against the store owner. In fact, there are many dangerous circumstances that can present themselves on a piece of property like this, and if a visitor gets hurt by these conditions, he or she will probably have a viable cause of action to pursue a claim.

Be careful when talking with your doctor: Try the following tips

Doctors are skilled at asking questions and pulling vital information out of their patients to ensure accurate diagnoses -- at least, most doctors are. Sometimes doctors negligently fail to spend sufficient time with their patients and they don't ask the questions to fully analyze their patients' health situations. This can result in serious injuries and death.

To avoid becoming a victim of medical malpractice and doctors' errors, patients need to take great care when communicating health problems. The following tips can help you in this regard:

What is shoulder dystocia and how can doctors avoid it?

No mother expects her child to be born with a serious medical condition, but the birthing process can be rough on babies at times -- and a birth injury could be unavoidable. In other situations, however, a birth injury is entirely avoidable.

When doctors detect the possibility of a birth injury during labor, they need to take swift action to prevent the injury. The problem is, this doesn't always happen. Negligent and reckless doctors have caused numerous babies to be born with irreversible medical problems. One such birth injury -- which may or may not be reversible depending on the severity -- is called shoulder dystocia.

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