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Philadelphia Personal Injury Blog

How did my baby get Erb's palsy?

Most babies survive pregnancy and the birthing process injury-free. However, in rare cases a baby will develop a problem -- either during pregnancy or birth -- that results in a lifelong disability. One such birth injury is known as Erb's palsy.

Also known as brachial palsy, this birth injury happens in approximately one out of 1,000 births. The injury relates to damage to the brachial plexus -- a conglomeration of nerves that travels through the head, neck and shoulders to connect the baby's arms and hands to his or her brain.

When can I file a pharmaceutical drug complaint?

There are numerous drugs on the market that can cause serious injuries and even death to the patients who take them. Nevertheless, doctors continue to prescribe these drugs for patients when they believe that the potential health benefits outweigh the possible risks.

It's vital for doctors to explain all of the risks associated with the drugs they prescribe to their patients. It's also important for them to use sound judgment when prescribing these potentially dangerous medications to ensure that the risks are indeed warranted. When a doctor fails to do these things and a patient gets hurt or killed because of a dangerous drug, that doctor could be financially liable for the patient's injuries and other damages. In addition, the drug's manufacturer could also have some liability if the medicine is defective or otherwise harmful.

Texting behind the wheel: The science behind the danger

Most people understand that texting takes your mind off what's going on around you. If you're walking, you may bump into someone. If you're standing still in a mall, someone may have to walk around you, but you might not notice.

When it comes to texting behind the wheel, the dangers multiply. Texting takes your attention away from what you're doing in three ways: visually, cognitively and physically.

Cruciani Sex Abuse Case Gaining Media Attention

If you have been following our blogs, it will come as no surprise that our firm is representing more than twenty women in multiple lawsuits who have suffered serious sexual abuse committed by one neurologist, Ricardo Cruciani.

If there is any good news in a case like this, it is this: The media has been giving this case the attention it deserves, and it seems like the media attention will continue to grow and develop until we help obtain justice for our clients.

UPDATE: Ricardo Cruciani re-arrested in New York months after pleading guilty to sexually abusing patients in Philadelphia.  Read More

Hospital negligence after a surgeon's errors

Imagine you go to the hospital for a routine hernia surgery, but you wake up to the horror of being seriously injured. Something went wrong during the surgery, and now you need more costly operations to correct the problem.

It's clear that your surgeon made several errors on the operating table as a direct result of his negligence, which caused your injuries, and he is probably liable. But what about the hospital? Can you sue the hospital, too?

Sexual assault: Can I file a personal injury claim for rape?

Sexual assault is illegal and unconscionable. Pennsylvania authorities will prosecute the people who commit sexual assault, and, in the event of a conviction, the guilty party will often go to prison and face other forms of punishment like registering as a sex offender for the rest of his or her life.

However, what about the victims? Is knowledge that your attacker will go to jail sufficient justice? In most cases, it is not. The injuries of sexual assault will endure long after the incident or incidents took place. These injuries are sometimes physical -- in the form of sexually transmitted diseases and physical injuries that may have happened during the assault -- and they are also psychological.

Fatigued driving can be deadly for all drivers

All drivers need to be alert and ready to handle whatever comes their way while they are on the road. Drivers who are drowsy are likely going to have a slower reaction time to things that are going on around them than those who are fully awake.

There is also a chance that drivers who are drowsy will nod off at the wheel. This could lead to a devastating accident. Consider these points about drowsy driving.

The Cruciani sexual abuse allegations keep growing

In a recent blog post, we discussed the recent sex abuse allegations against Philadelphia area doctor Ricardo Cruciani. Initially, Cruciani was facing seven counts of various sex crimes against patients in a few local medical facilities.

As is often the case with this type of situation, the abuses are much more rampant than they first appeared. In fact, according to another recent report from Action News 6, Cruciani is now being accused of many more abuses, some of them lasting for years.

What's the difference between a birth injury and a birth defect?

If your baby suffers a birth injury or birth defect, your primary concern will be to get your baby the medical care that he or she needs to get better. However, this medical care can be expensive and difficult -- if not impossible -- for a new mother to afford.

As such, many mothers who have babies suffering from birth defects or birth injuries may need to pursue legal claims to hold at-fault parties financially responsible for the negligence that caused their babies' health challenges. If you're in a situation like this, you probably have a lot of questions, namely: What's the difference between a birth injury and a birth defect?

Distracted driving is a serious problem on the roads

Drivers who are distracted pose a serious hazard to other people with whom they share the road. The prevalence of cellphones is one reason why the rate of distracted driving crashes has increased, but that isn't the only cause.

Keeping everyone on the road as safe as possible takes a joint effort among all drivers. Here are some points to remember about distracted driving:

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