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At Soloff & Zervanos, P.C., we champion the legal needs of individuals and families who are victims of negligence and have been physically and financially injured. We understand the trauma and devastation that you may have experienced, and we are dedicated to making sure that you are properly compensated for your pain and suffering. Please view the cases below for some examples of our past successes.*

Top Case Results

  • Soloff & Zervanos was a member of the Tropicana garage collapse litigation team, which obtained the largest construction settlement in U.S. history, totaling $101 million. Five workers were killed and more than 30 were catastrophically injured when five stories of the Tropicana Casino and Hotel's garage, which was under construction, collapsed on October 30, 2003.
  • $8 million wrongful death settlement to the estate of a 5-month-old child who suffered severe brain damage while being administered anesthesia during surgery. Soloff & Zervanos, P.C., was instrumental in helping to obtain this multimillion-dollar settlement against a major hospital in central Pennsylvania.
  • $4.5 million to a Lancaster teenager who sustained multiple fractures and life-threatening injuries in a truck accident.
  • $3 million awarded to a man injured in an auto accident where he lost a leg and was unable to resume employment.
  • $2 million for a 2-year-old boy who sustained brain damage after ingesting medication from a pill bottle left on a babysitter's nightstand. We were successful in this case because we were able to prove that there was a conscious effort on the part of the pharmacy to use less-expensive non-childproof containers in order to save costs. Federal laws require that all medications be filled in a childproof container, except in special circumstances.
  • $1.5 million to the estate of a woman killed in a motor vehicle accident in central Pennsylvania. The wife and mother of two was killed when the driver of a delivery truck lost control and struck the woman's car in her lane of travel. The settlement amount is believed to be one of the highest settlements in historically conservative central Pennsylvania.
  • Confidential settlement for multiple victims with Penn State University for sexual abuse by former coach Jerry Sandusky.

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Product Liability

  • $950,000 to the estate of a man who died in a house fire caused by a defective product. A lawsuit was filed against the manufacturer of portable electric space heater which, after investigation, was determined to be the source of the fire. We demonstrated that the space heater was defectively designed by its manufacturer.
  • $935,000 settlement against press machine manufacturer and owner for a crush injury of one finger and a partial amputation of a second finger on the hand of a 21-year-old machine operator. Soloff & Zervanos, P.C., was successful in this case despite substantial claims of operator misuse, employer ownership and lack of maintenance.
  • $600,000 to the estate of a man killed in a furnace explosion.
  • $450,000 for a wife and mother of two who was severely injured while driving a car after a tire blowout. Reportedly, she was operating a vehicle with re-treaded tires. Soloff & Zervanos, P.C., was able to demonstrate through a tire and retread expert that the blown tire was defective and never a candidate for retread.

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Premises Liability

  • $825,000 to a Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania man who was injured when a piece of store merchandise fell onto his hand and crushed it. The injury resulted in multiple surgeries and several job changes.
  • Six-figure structured settlement for a 6-month-old child who suffered from multiple skunk bites on her arm. The skunk was the pet of a licensed home day-care operator.
  • $375,000 to a New Jersey housewife who tripped over defective pavement while exiting a movie theater and suffered wrist injuries, memory loss and cognitive loss.
  • $300,000 for the victim of a vicious dog attack in New Jersey. The settlement represented the policy limits of the defendant homeowner's insurance policy.
  • $200,000 recovery for a slip-and-fall injury to a woman fell due to a deteriorated railing on a second floor balcony, injuring her skull.
  • $160,000 to a mother of two who injured her back in a recreational accident while snow tubing. The injury resulted in back surgery and a short period of disability. We were able to demonstrate that the run-out ramp at the bottom of the snow tubing hill was too short and not designed to allow snow tubers to come to a safe stop.
  • $140,000 to a woman who slipped and fell in a mini market and injured her foot.
  • Confidential structured settlement with motocross track operator in favor of an 11-year-old boy who lost vision in one eye in a motocross accident due to a dangerous condition of the track.

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Nursing Home Negligence

  • $400,000 settlement for estate of a 69-year-old Alzheimer's patient who was permitted to wander unassisted from an assisted living facility (or personal care home) in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. The woman drowned in a nearby creek, and her tragic story was told to all members of Congress to strengthen regulation of the assisted living and nursing home industry in the United States. Her story was also told on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric.
  • $400,000 settlement made on behalf of an elderly woman who wandered from a nursing home and was subsequently found dead due to hypothermia.

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Medical Malpractice

  • $1.1 million to a young boy who sustained nerve damage to his arm at birth. With the aid of several nationally renowned experts, we were able to demonstrate that the obstetrician failed to recognize the signs of shoulder dystocia, an event that can occur when the baby is too large for the mother to safely deliver vaginally.
  • Confidential, undisclosed settlement for the families of four fatal victims of a Legionnaires' disease outbreak at the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System. The Pittsburgh VA tried to initially blame the outbreak on a water treatment system, but multiple investigations pegged the blame on poor decisions and a lack of knowledge on the part of VA employees.
  • $980,000 settlement against United States government for a 6-month-old female child with misdiagnosed congenital cataracts. This little girl was born overseas and stationed in Germany with enlisted parents. Soloff & Zervanos, P.C., was successful in proving malpractice, through multiple video tapes which had been sent home to family members. Settlement included a lifetime medical fund and damages.
  • $437,500 was obtained on behalf of a 67-year-old man who died due to mismanagement of Coumadin, a blood thinning drug, following a heart attack. Unfortunately, his physician failed to monitor very important blood clotting factors once the drug treatment was initiated. He died 15 days after taking the drug.
  • $435,000 was obtained in a medical malpractice case, and awarded to the estate of a Northeast Pennsylvania man who died of a heart attack after his family doctor failed to diagnose his heart disease.

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Auto Accidents

  • $1.3 million settlement obtained on behalf of a woman who injured her back in a motor vehicle accident involving an underinsured motorist. A significant portion of the damages in this case was attributed to a claim of bad faith by the insurance company for its failure to address her claim in a timely fashion.
  • $1 million to the estates of two elderly individuals killed in a motor vehicle accident.
  • $950,000 to a 65-year-old man who was diagnosed as "legally blind" in one eye following a bus accident.
  • $650,000 in New Jersey for a 52-year-old man who underwent wrist surgery on both wrists as the result of a motor vehicle accident. The plaintiff was a longtime butcher and a significant settlement was obtained even though the defense contended that his wrist injuries were due to his job duties and not to the accident.
  • $650,000 settlement for an auto accident victim involved in an intersectional collision where the victim entered the intersection without the right of way. Soloff & Zervanos, P.C., was successful against the municipality, proving a history of sun glare-related problems at this intersection, and that sun glare prevented proper traffic control vision.
  • $600,000 for a crane operator who underwent surgery as the result of a motor vehicle accident on I-95 in Philadelphia. Plaintiff was able to return to work following the surgery but was unable to continue to operate heavy machinery.
  • $500,000 to a Chester County woman injured in a motor vehicle accident resulting in a back injury, surgery and a period of total disability.
  • $450,000 was awarded to a 47-year-old Lancaster, Pennsylvania, woman who was involved in a low impact motor vehicle accident. The award was significant since the defendant tried to demonstrate that it was impossible for the plaintiff to sustain such an injury when there was less than $200 in property damage. The woman was diagnosed as having disk degeneration in both her neck and lower back.
  • $450,000 to a Reading man involved in a motor vehicle accident with a drunk driver causing multiple fractures and subsequent period of disability.
  • $432,000 for a 29-year-old man who sustained serious leg injuries when his motorcycle was struck by a truck in New Jersey.
  • $400,000 awarded to an auto accident victim who suffered head injuries and amnesia. Soloff & Zervanos, P.C., worked with memory reconstruction and accident reconstruction experts and was successful in recreating the accident, despite the fact that the victim had no memory of the events and there were no witnesses to the accident.
  • $400,000 verdict (Camden County New Jersey) for a Cherry Hill, New Jersey, woman who sustained a carpal tunnel injury in a motor vehicle accident.
  • $350,000 for a Lancaster, Pennsylvania, woman injured in a motor vehicle accident resulting in back surgery and extended period of disability.
  • $325,000 verdict for father of five who suffered a herniated lumbar disk due to an automobile accident.
  • $300,000 awarded to a landscaper who was injured in a motor vehicle accident. The award was significant because all diagnostic studies including x-rays, CAT scans and MRIs failed to reveal an objective finding of injury. He claimed that he was no longer able to resume his business full-time and thus it is believed that most of the award was made in order to compensate our client for his future lost wages.
  • $300,000 for a Camden County woman who sustained an aggravation to a prior lower back injury in a motor vehicle accident, which led to eventual surgery. Plaintiff had a longstanding history of multiple sclerosis, and the defense contended that the symptoms were related to her MS and not to the motor vehicle accident. The case eventually settled for the policy limits.
  • $225,000 to a woman who injured her shoulder and back after her vehicle struck a farm animal that had escaped from a "secured" pasture late at night. The accident occurred in a very rural farm area, and the farmer's liability was disputed.

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Truck Accidents

  • Confidential settlement to the estate of a young girl who was killed in a motor vehicle accident. The suit which was filed against a nationally recognized trucking company and was vigorously disputed by the trucking company because the driver of the car in which the girl was a passenger made a left hand turn in front of the truck. The truck driver argued that he could not stop because the car made the turn directly in front of his oncoming truck. Despite the actions of the driver and the argument that almost 100 percent of liability rested with the driver, the trucking company agreed to settle the lawsuit one month before the trial.
  • $1.45 million to a bus driver who sustained injuries to his eyes rendering him legally blind following an accident involving a bus and tractor-trailer.

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Construction And Workplace Accidents

  • Multimillion-dollar recovery to a construction worker who was injured by a falling object from a scaffold on a multi-tiered construction site in southeastern Pennsylvania.
  • Confidential settlement for an 18-year-old construction worker who suffered irreversible brain damage after falling through an unprotected hole in a second floor stair landing while doing masonry work. The hole was in violation of OSHA requirements.
  • Confidential settlement for a workplace accident when a 51-year-old construction worker was fatally injured when struck on the head by two cinder blocks. The cinder blocks fell from several stories above through an unprotected opening in violation of OSHA requirements.

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Crime Victims Representation

  • Confidential six-figure settlement in favor of a crime victim's estate against person who assaulted and killed him with a punch. The person who assaulted him was insured under a homeowners insurance policy which excluded coverage for intentional acts.
  • Confidential settlement to a boy who was sexually assaulted in a Pennsylvania hospital.
  • Confidential settlement with nightclub for two victims of assault, which occurred on the street outside the nightclub.
  • $250,000 settlement with the owner/operator of a boarding home/apartment building for an unemployed woman who was stabbed by a co-tenant of the home who had previously been convicted for aggravated assault.
  • Confidential settlement for two female crime victims after they were assaulted and falsely imprisoned by a convenience store owner and employee.
  • Confidential settlement with the alleged abuser on behalf of a female victim of sexual assault/incest where no criminal charges were brought against the alleged abuser.
  • Confidential settlement with clothing store corporation for false imprisonment of husband and wife who were wrongfully accused of shoplifting.
  • We have obtained various six- and seven-figure settlements in cases which are confidential.

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